The Remandee launches on iTunes July 7

The new documentary film The Remandee depicts life behind bars in a Zambian prison. In it we follow the young remandee William Kondowe, who has established a life in indefinite detention.

The Remandee has been in the pipeline for almost nine years now. During these nine years, the project has been molded and reshaped a vast number of times, and the original team behind the production has also changed. The now finalized film is a product of a unique collaboration between the experienced director Alexander and the anthropologist Jakob, who only now has made a debut as a film director. About his ambitions for the film Alexander says: “I was pretty attentive to not telling just another ‘Look how bad it is in Africa’-story. There were plenty of those around already. It was more about trying to see which positive tendencies were present, and which positive initiatives that were being made in the prison”. Jakob adds: “We looked for people who had something on the line in this context, who we then started following. We zoomed in on their battles within the battle”.

The film is shot on location at Lusaka Central Prison in Zambia.

The film is distributed by Journeyman Pictures:

Digital launch on iTunes July 7: 

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