Veras Virkelige Verden

The young entrepreneur Rebecca has, after an existential collapse, stepped away from the established fashion industry to start up her own clothing concept “Veras Vintage”. Having risked everything, what is left of Rebecca, if she fails?

Veras Virkelige Verden

(UK: Pieces of Vera)

DIRECTOR: Grit Tind Mikkelsen
PRODUCER: Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt
EDITOR: Anna Heide
DOP: Maggie Olkuska
COMPOSER: Ida Duelund Hansen
Consultant: Phie Ambo

Supported by: Copenhagen Film Workshop, The Danish Journalism Union & Danish Film Directors.

Length: 75′ min. (Broadcast: 3 x 15′ min.)
Status: in production

Produced by: GotFat Productions


Rebecca Vera breaks through the radar as a girl who is in a process of creating a universe that magically makes vintage clothing look like it is the latest styles.


15 minutes into the story, the portrait goes from the performance into a parallel room. At dawn, during the lunch break, or when the day turns into night, we find a vulnerable woman. This room is reflecting what is left, besides work. The things that are not room for in the outer space. Rebecca is struggling with way more than just succeeding with her company, Veras. She is struggling to survive. To being someone. To being accepted and acknowledged. She is struggling to find her spot. Therefore, Veras has to become a success.


Boxes of clothes are being piled up along the wall. Rebecca has to move her store into a larger facility, pay more in rent, meanwhile her board is pushing for a higher number of members. She is sitting in a bigger and prettier facility but her inner conflict regarding space – or lack of it, is pushed to extremes.


Rebecca’s inner space is intensified while being trapped in a professional environment, she is not able to control.


Rebecca only has one choice which is creating growth within her company. Therefore, she decides to rent out her room on Airbnb so she is able to pay her rent. Instead she is moving partly into her office where she works. Here she must act like a boss, but she has lost herself and in danger of vanishing and dissolving, Rebecca has to either fight for preserving herself within her business or find a way to coexist.


At the end, as the last straw, Rebecca takes a stand for her reality. Rebecca acknowledges that she has to find a space where Rebecca is allowed to be Rebecca, and now she has to try to unite the two different worlds and acknowledge both as an important part of herself.     


If you are interested or want to know more about this project feel free to contact producer Puk Eisenhardt on email or at +45 22129474