documentary MiniSeries

The Lost Viking

The Lost Viking is a present day adventure into the minds of the Vikings who first discovered North America when a group of adventurers and researchers sail across the Atlantic in the footsteps of Leif the Lucky to find the grave of the only viking who was left behind.

The Lost Viking

 (working title)

Miniseries of 6 x 28′ min.

Created by: Hjörtur Smaráson
Producers: Thor Hampus Bank, Emil Johnsen
Status: In development

Interested in: distribution and sales

Produced by: GotFat Productions


A band of explorers set out from Iceland on board a sail ship to recreate the adventure of the first European explorers ever setting foot on the American continent – the vikings led by Leif Eriksson also known as Leif the Lucky – in a quest to find the lost grave of Leif’s brother, Thorvald Eriksson, the only viking who was left behind after he was killed in a dispute with the American natives. They will have to learn to think and act like the vikings in order to have a chance of succeding. The search takes the crew to Greenland and further on to Newfoundland and mainland Canada in a dramatic adventure set in a truly unique part of our world.


The Vikings were explorers by heart and sailed far into Russia, down to the Mediterranean and then west. In the year 871 they settled Iceland, Greenland in the year 993 and in the year 1.000 Leif the Lucky discovered Vinland, in North America. It has been a matter of disputes ever since where Vinland was. In 1960 the main camp for exploration was discovered on the Northern tip of Newfoundland, fully matching descriptions in the Icelandic sagas. That discovery confirms at least some extent of accuracy in the sagas, as well as being an important waypoint for further discovery of Viking remains in America. These are well known facts and statues of Leif can be found all over America honouring his discovery. Lesser known is the fate of his brother who got killed in a dispute with natives, as well as the whereabouts of Hóp, the actual Vinland colony.
The interest for the old Viking culture has grown tremendously in the recent decade. The interest has so far fueled the creation of fiction series like Vikings and the upcoming Ragnarok.

If you are interested or want to know more about this project feel free to contact producer Emil Johnsen on email or at +45 22129474