The Sound of Tiink

Welcome to the Ecuadorian jungle frontier: a place on the edge between ever-progressing western civilization, indigenous culture and overwhelming nature – and defined by the frictions in between. Especially right now, as Ecuador’s largest open-pit copper mine is in construction nearby.

THE SOUND OF TIINK is a creative documentary revolving around the indigenous Shuar village of Tiink, situated right in the middle between industrial progress and untamed, natural life. While giving a profound, nuanced, and emotional view on the current conflict around Tiink, the film also portraits the division between those Shuar in favor of the modern development and those clinging on to their traditions and rebelling against it.

The Sound of Tiink

(DK: Lyden af Tiink)

DIRECTOR: Robin Petré
PRODUCER: Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt
DOP: María Grazia Goya
STORY BY: Robin Petré & María Grazia Goya
Co-producent: Copper Views Film Productions (Holland) & Ostinato Cine (Ecuador)

Length: 75′ min. (Broadcast: 3 x 15′ min.)
Status: in production

Produced by: GotFat Productions


THE SOUND OF TIINK reflects on our relationship with nature, both within and around us, in the world’s most biodiverse landscape – that of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The film revolves around Tiink: a humble indigenous Shuar village situated right on the edge between ever-progressing western civilization, indigenous culture, and overwhelming nature – and is defined by the frictions in between. Situated in the province of Morona-Santiago in southern Ecuador, Tiink makes up a central meeting point for the Shuar people, who go by with their lives amidst the turbulent clash between the new and the old world.
This year (2018), the nation’s largest open-pit copper mine is being constructed in the middle of the rainforest surrounding Tiink, on holy Shuar land. The building project threatens the natural life around it and stirs up the continuous, deeply rooted conflicts between indigenous people and the industrial progress. Now the only connection between Tiink and the outside, modern world is blocked at both ends: a narrow, worn suspension bridge forming a treacherous path across the roaring Amazon river.

THE SOUND OF TIINK is a sensory, creative documentary portraying life in this inaccessible jungle world; raw, ruthless, and picturesque as it is. Our film is an exploration of the emotional consequences of the universal conflicts between different peoples, and simultaneously between people and nature.
In the film we experience the life of the Shuar and meet the community, among others Pakun Alfonso – a man who has lost everything and become a refugee in his own country during a military operation to clear the land for the new mining construction. Yanua, a mother of six struggling to keep her family together in an ever more unpredictable world. And deeper into the forest, Domingo – one of about 70 indigenous people living in hiding from the government on the base of false accusations in connection with a local demonstration against the new mine.
The fate of everyone we meet in the film is connected to the underlying mining conflict in one way or another.

If you are interested or want to know more about this project feel free to contact producer Puk Eisenhardt on email or at +45 22129474