Life is a Stage

‘Life is a Stage’ (ES: ‘La Vida es un musical’) follows the transformation into the adolescence of Alvaro, a vivid philosophical child in a small village in the Canary Islands. At the local square, he performs street musicals. He embraces his inner dancing queen and uses music to build himself up again to overcome traumas from bullying. He decides he can be whoever he wants to be, but when puberty arrives all types of feelings come along, will he remain true to himself?

Director: Patty Pajak (SE) 

Producers: Thor Hampus Bank, Emil Johnsen

Duration: +75 min. (theatrical), 58′ min. (broadcast)
Formats: Feature documentary, TV documentary

Supported by: To be updates

Current status
: Late development
Interested in: Sales, distribution and funding

Interested in: Production funding, sales and distribution.



‘Life is a Musical’ follows the transformation into adolescence of
a queer child in a small village in the Canary Islands, overcoming bullying and grief by expressing himself through his own musicals and performances.


Alvaro is eleven years old and lives in a small village on the Canary Islands. He dresses up as a lady and loves performing musicals on the village square.
In the village Alvaro lives there are alot of twins, Alvaro has a twin brother as well as a big sister. His sister is 30 years old but due to a rare chromosomal disorder and autism

her speaking skills are very limited. Alvaro cares for her like a younger sister. He communicates with her through music and dancing.

Alvaro dreams of more glamorous performances and finds a mentor in the neighbouring village; David. They share spiritual interests since David is religious, and keeps a chapel at home with a huge statue of saint Mary. David lives with his husband and is a makeup artist. He organizes big musical festivals, so Alvaro starts collaborating with him.

A tragic event strikes Alvaro and his family with the loss of a dear family member. During the time of grief he is not allowed to perform and begins spending time reflecting over and writing existential questions. He wants to get back on the stage, but with puberty and self-doubt looming the horizon questions occur.

If you are interested or want to know more about this project feel free to contact producer Thor Hampus Bank on email or at +45 22129474