Series for kids

Doctor Donnerwetter

A small town hospital way out west is facing closure due to low demand. (Un)fortunately the rather peculiar Doctor Donnerwetter and his assistant Trine has a plan to save the hospital with the help of Donnerwetters speciality in rare and utterly strange diseases.

Doctor Donnerwetter combines crazy humor and medical knowledge in a kids show with an engaging storylines that will leave the kid with a better understanding of the medical world and the things the grown ups gets so fuzzy about.

Doctor Donnerwetter

 (DK: Doktor Donnerwetter)

Director: Thor Hampus Bank
Writers: Emma Le Marc & Ulrik Jeppesen
Producers: Thor Hampus Bank, Emil Johnsen, Mia Sandborg Pedersen, Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt

Episode length: 10 x 20′ min. 
Status: Pilot in production

Produced by: GotFat Productions

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If you are interested or want to know more about this project feel free to contact producer Emil Johnsen on email or at +45 22129474