Kongernes Fald
(UK: Fall of the Kings)

Cinematic release: June 2019

Production: Bullitt Film
Co-production: GotFat Productions

Director: Mads Kamp Thulstrup
DoP: Henrik Bohn Ipsen, DFF
Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Co-producers: Emil Johnsen & Thor Hampus Bank

Cinema version: 85′ min.
TV version: 2 x 45′ min.

Produced with support from Danish Film Institute, TV2 and The West Danish Film Fund.


This is the compelling story of Danish speedway rise onto the International stage and it’s star Ole Olsen. His many international triumphs and his macho-image made him Denmark’s darling and put speedway firmly in the nations mind. The success paved the way for a new, golden generation of Danish speedway drivers led by Hans Nielsen and Erik Gundersen. The fall of the kings is an homage to these three sports personalities and to speedway.