The House Is Still Dark selected for DOC FORWARD

Felipe Roa Pilar’s amazing documentary film project, The House Is Still Dark, has been selected for the DOC FORWARD programme held by Nordisk Panorama. Being a part of this 2-part workshop will propel the project further towards production and we look forward to working with a talented group of film professionals and commissioners from the Nordic countries. First workshop is in January where Felipe will travel to Helsinki together with producer Thor Hampus Bank.

DOC FORWARD is ” a project-driven co-production workshop for emerging Nordic documentary producers and directors, with a focus on nationally established and new talent directors with ambitions to go international in partnership with both new and more established producers. The 2-part workshop will provide a network and the knowledge to work professionally within the Nordic documentary sector. The intention is to have great documentaries being developed at the workshop and secure their first Nordic/international launch. Production companies in the Nordic region, can effectively use the programme to develop new projects and introduce directors and/or producers to the Nordic documentary market and to the Nordic financiers.”

Read more about the programme here: