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Life can be stranger than fiction, but that doesn’t mean that we only do documentaries. Sometimes a story is better told as a work of fiction. Maybe we are spoiled. Or a naive bunch of dreamers, but we believe that everything is possible if we just give it our best…   
We are very proud of out amazing slate of documentaries, series and fiction projects that we develop with talented people from all over the world.

Take a look our slate and do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in one of our projects. 

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NEWS Archive

The Remandee launches on iTunes July 7

The new documentary film The Remandee depicts life behind bars in a Zambian prison. In it we follow the young remandee William Kondowe, who has established a life in indefinite detention. The Remandee has been in the pipeline for almost nine years now. During these nine years, the project has been molded and reshaped a vast number of times, and the original team behind the production has also changed. The now finalized film is a product of a unique collaboration between the experienced director Alexander and the anthropologist Jakob, who only now has made a debut as a film director. About his ambitions for the film Alexander says: “I was pretty attentive to not telling just another ‘Look how bad it is in Africa’-story. There were plenty of those around already. It was more about trying to see which positive tendencies were present, and which positive initiatives that were being made in the prison”. Jakob adds: “We looked for people who had something on the line in this context, who we then started following. We zoomed in on their battles within the battle”. The film is shot on location at Lusaka Central Prison in Zambia. The film is distributed by

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Two MeetMarket selections for GotFat at Sheffield Doc Fest

This years MeetMarket at Sheffield Doc/Fest will feature two of GotFat’s documentaries; The House Is Still Dark and La Vida Es Un Musical. We are extremely proud to have two projects selected in this very selective and competitive field. Producer Emil Johnsen are handling all meetings on behalf of La Vida Es Un Musical, and producer Thor Hampus Bank are responsible for all meetings regarding The House Is Still Dark. The full selection for the MeetMarket is available here: We look forward to meeting and discussing the projects with the decision makers in June.  

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La Vida Es Un Musical selected for M:Brane RealYoung

We are really happy to announce that Patty Pajak’s documentary “La Vida Es Un Musical” has been selected to the pitch forum “RealYoung” at M:Brane.  M:brane is a unique meeting place with focus solely on projects aimed at a young audience, age 3-18 years. Cinema, tv, documentaries, interactive, VR, immersive storytelling. M:brane is a strictly B2B platform for producers with high visions, financiers, buyers, distributors and sales agents plus a number of professional observers, where they get an exclusive introduction to creative and highly innovative projects at an early stage. Around 220 professionals from over 20 countries meets during three intensive days in a warm and friendly atmosphere in Malmö.  Go here to see all the selections:

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Two projects selected in VESTDOKS

Two of GotFat Originals projects have been selected to receive production funding in The West Danish Film Funds special initiative “VESTDOKS”. The projects are: JÆGER (UK: Hunter)Producer: Emil JohnsenDirector: Andreas Thaulow PIGERNE FRA BROVST (UK: The Girls from Brovst)Producer: Puk Lodahl EisenhardtDirector: Anne Svejgård Lund Both projects will be start filming immediately and is scheduled to premiere this summer. DR has first look rights. More information:  

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The House Is Still Dark selected for DOC FORWARD

Felipe Roa Pilar’s amazing documentary film project, The House Is Still Dark, has been selected for the DOC FORWARD programme held by Nordisk Panorama. Being a part of this 2-part workshop will propel the project further towards production and we look forward to working with a talented group of film professionals and commissioners from the Nordic countries. First workshop is in January where Felipe will travel to Helsinki together with producer Thor Hampus Bank. DOC FORWARD is ” a project-driven co-production workshop for emerging Nordic documentary producers and directors, with a focus on nationally established and new talent directors with ambitions to go international in partnership with both new and more established producers. The 2-part workshop will provide a network and the knowledge to work professionally within the Nordic documentary sector. The intention is to have great documentaries being developed at the workshop and secure their first Nordic/international launch. Production companies in the Nordic region, can effectively use the programme to develop new projects and introduce directors and/or producers to the Nordic documentary market and to the Nordic financiers.” Read more about the programme here:

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thor presenting at WKFF

Napoleon wins Pop-Up Film Residency Award

Out of more than 30 projects, Napoleon won the Pop-Up Residency Award at Warsaw Kids Film Forum. We are extremely honored to receive this great opportunity and look forward to collaborating with the great people at the Pop-Up Residency in Bratislava, Slovakia. The residency is aimed at our scriptwriter Anita Doron, who will have a 3 weeks tailor-made writing workshop with international consultants. 

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