Kongernes Fald
(UK: Fall of the Kings)

Cinematic release: June 2019

Production: Bullitt Film
Co-production: GotFat Productions

Director: Mads Kamp Thulstrup
DoP: Henrik Bohn Ipsen, DFF
Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Co-producers: Emil Johnsen & Thor Hampus Bank

Cinema version: 85′ min.
TV version: 2 x 45′ min.

Produced with support from Danish Film Institute, TV2 and The West Danish Film Fund.


Pitch: This is the compelling story of Danish speedway rise onto the International stage and it’s star Ole Olsen. His many international triumphs and his macho-image made him Denmark’s darling and put speedway firmly in the nations mind. The success paved the way for a new, golden generation of Danish speedway drivers led by Hans Nielsen and Erik Gundersen. The fall of the kings is an homage to these three sports personalities and to speedway.